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Forged of Blood Feature Trailer, Beta Update

Developer Critical Forge has released a new feature trailer along with beta update details for their turn-based RPG Forged of Blood.

First off a new feature overview trailer for the modern tactical RPG is available for viewing. In the video the depth and complexity of the fantasy world of Attiras is examined. Forged of Blood gives players tactical command on the battlefield where choices have consequences and losses are permanent.

Forged of Blood Official Overview Trailer

Classless warfare allows players to have the character build they want with 9 unique weapons and a vast magic system. So if a player wants to take to the field with a sword and shield or cast powerful spells they can. Players are not constrained by the standard tank, DPS, and healer roles often found in RPG games.

Ability points can be redistributed at any point when not in combat. This allows players to fully explore and experiment with their builds. Spell crafting takes on a whole new level with a complex and unique magic system not seen in other games. In Forged of Blood spells are actually crafted from combining various effects to create a spell. This is where the game really encourages players to experiment with different combinations.

When making decisions and interacting with the Forged of Blood world, actions go beyond the concept of good and evil. Instead the game operates off a tri-axis philosophical index with three areas Hedonism, Altruism, and Rationalism. During conversation choices have a weight and will move the players plot point on the index. The world is always judging and it is up to the player to live or die by their own actions.

Choices on and off the battlefield will affect a players soldiers, faction, and bloodline. The future of Attris will be forged by the choices of the player and the following consequences of the choices.

Forged of Blood is also hosting a current on-going beta test. In this test a select handful of testers are actively engaged with more keys and invites being sent out in the coming days and weeks. The beta test will run until July 5, 2019. During the beta the Critical Forge team will be engaging testers on the Official Forged of Blood Discord and will be working hard to make weekly updates for the game.

Today’s trailer reveal and the addition of the Steam Forged of Blood game page is a proud milestone for small Critical Forge team. The game has been in production for three years and the team looks forward to sharing more as the August launch period approaches.

Interested players can now add Forged of Blood to their Steam wishlist. More information about Forged of Blood can be found on the game’s website at

Critical Forge is a small indie studio based out of Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently the eight member team is working on their Forged of Blood RPG. The studio touts itself as a young studio with an old soul that is looking to make games they grew up playing.