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Oxygen Not Included Launch

Klei Entertainment today dropped the Early Access part of Oxygen Not Included and launched the full release of the game.

Originally scheduled for a late May launch, the developers gave a status update in the middle of May that explained they were going to delay the game for a bit. After working on the final major update for the game the developers felt that they were not where they had anticipated. They went on to say they felt good about the content of the final major update, but that it had not seen much testing. The developers wanted more time for polishing.

Oxygen Not Included had been in development for five years. In February 2017 the game went into Alpha and since then has grown a lot. Now after a two month delay the wait is over. Oxygen Not Included has launched and there are several new items and changes.

First off one of the biggest additions is the availability of new asteroids to colonize. There is an asteroid select screen with 9 asteroid variants. In addition a whole new biome start type has been added that is a forest. Along with the forest biome there are the new rust and tide pool biomes and each brings new types of plants. Also added are world traits that add variety to each world.

There are new colony imperatives and initiatives for the colony. Imperatives are the big goals whereas initiatives are optional goals and checkpoints all of which can be seen on the new colony summary screen from the printing pod.

Many new buildings have been added that include a gas range, desalinator, ethanol distiller, rust deoxidizer, wood burner, park sign, and more. Two new criters have been introduced to the world the pokeshell and the pip. Pokeshells live in the tide pool biome that consumes rot piles and polluted dirt and produce sand. Pips are creatures that eat lumber off the Arbor Trees with the ability to plant seeds in dirt, clay, sand, and regolith tiles.

Several other new resources, room types, space destinations, and foods have been added. One particular resource to note is the new salt water geyser.

Lastly the update brings a list of bug fixes and balancing changes. One of the bigger changes comes to some sources of heat management. For example the ice maker now deletes 20% of the heat from water instead of almost all of it. In addition Wheezewort is no longer a decor plant and requires fertilizer.

Players can view the full list of changes on the Game Update section of the Oxygen Not Included forums.

Oxygen Not Included is now available with full launch status on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $24.99 USD on PC, OSX, and Linux. Celebrating the game’s launch a special promotion is running on Steam until August 6, 2019 at a price of $16.74 USD.

Oxygen Not Included Launch Trailer | Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment (@klei Twitter) is an independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada. The studio has previously released hit tittles such as Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja, and Invisible, Inc.