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Merchant of the Skies Early Access

Coldwild Games has officially released their airship-based trading game Merchant of the Skies into Early Access.

Players will find themselves as the captain of a flying ship that spends its time in the clouds. Taking their small airship, players can explore the world of floating islands. Through selling items and gathering resources players will be able to build their own trade empire in the sky.

Merchant of the Skies is this indie developer’s fifth serious project. It is also their attempt at making a peaceful trading game that allows for a relaxed light base-building and management experience. Early development started in 2018 with “serious” development starting in February of this year. A full release is expect between November 2019 and February 2020.

Key features of the game include setting up a trade empire by finding the best trade routes and making profit from them. While exploring the world for routes players will face different encounters. Some locations feature resources that the player can gather and eventually automate. As play progresses and players gain more experience they will learn that buying low and selling high is important as goods production.

Sandbox gameplay is a core component of Merchant of the Skies. Players can do what they want at their own pace. No need to rush in this retro-like pixelated world built in the skies.

Merchant of the Skies is now available in Early Access on Steam for $7.99 USD for Windows, OSX, and Linux. A special Early Access launch promotion runs until August 6 on Steam where the game is discounted down to a price of $7.19 USD.

For the latest information about Merchant of the Skies players can visit the game’s website at

Merchant of the Skies Early Access Gameplay Trailer | Coldwild Games

Coldwild Games (@ColdwildGames Twitter) is based out of Riga, Latvia. The studio was founded in April 2016 with Vladimir Slav and Helen Nazarenko where they worked on a few projects most notable Frequent Flyer. In 2017 the studio worked on Lazy Galaxy where Mihail Bekhren briefly joined the team for the project. At the beginning of 2019 the studio started a monthly report video update which also includes previews of new work and other fun behind the scenes information.