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Space Adventure Afterlight Hits Kickstarter

Silent Road Games has kicked off the Afterlight Kickstarter campaign for their narrative story-filled 2.5D space adventure title.

Staged in 2.5D with a narrative that explores all sorts of psychological and emotional elements, Afterlight, takes place in the unique environment of Saturn’s largest moon Titan during the 22nd century.

The game brings a mixture of both adventure and puzzles while the mind of a stranded and isolated astronaut named Xin is examined. Through the journey trust and forced friendship with perception and psychological traumas are used as a metaphor for toxic relationships in desperate overcomes.

Afterlight Official 2019 Teaser | Silent Road Games

Key features of the puzzle-adventure game includes a creative interpretation of a large documentation on Titan’s environment that brings a dreamy and beautiful setting. An emotional insight into mental disorders, while not focusing on cliched aspects, but rather their consequences in relationships and growth.

Additional features include carefully crafted emotionally driven animations that include the little details and gestures. Puzzles feature vast possibilities by getting to control giant robots. Each puzzle strikes a balance between logic and physics.

The main platform for Afterlight is PC for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam. Additionally the Kickstarter campaign has seen the confirmed stretch goal with a port to the Nintendo Switch. Ports to the PS4 and Xbox One are also a part of the stretch goals.

Afterlight’s Kickstarter campaign has just begun and is scheduled to run until 7 PM PDT June 14, 2019. As of this posting on the campaign’s first day, Afterlight is at 19% or $6,855 of the $35,000 goal with 104 backers. Interested individuals should check out the Afterlight Kickstarter campaign page. More information can be found on the game’s website at

Silent Road Games (@SilentRoadGames Twitter) is an indie game developer based in Malaga, Spain. The group is fully committed in the design of narrative worlds that speak in game language to make people feel beyond sound and image.