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Goblin Squad – Total Division Out Now

Event Horizon Studios and publisher 34BigThings is ready to let players command an unruly tribe of goblins in their new release Goblin Squad – Total Division.

Goblin Squad is Event Horizon Studios’ first tactical turn-based game. In the game players manage a tribe of power-hungry goblins who seek to topple the human kingdom. Along the way they plan to loot as much food and gold as possible. They, the goblins, really do love their pork.

Each game is played in turns giving a tabletop experience. A player pits their goblin horde against the human defenders. From there a battle ensues to the victor goes the spoils. All of this must be done before the game month runs out. Time may be gained by interfering with the human plans.

Encounters against the human armies are unique in every mission. Players will need to find ways to outsmart and outmaneuver the efficient and overpowering human armies. There are 16 unique goblin classes that range from fat angry berserkers to frail mad scientists. Goblins can be recruited, grind, and then field to level up and gain more abilities.

The game went through a few iterations over the years. It started as a sort of blend between chess and XCOM, and it still retains some of the charm of those games, while being tighter and more compact than the latter, with more accessible mechanics and understandable dynamics.

Gabriele Gallo, Goblin Squad’s Game Designer

Goblin Squad was developed by Event Horizon Studios. Founded in 2013 it is a game development studio made by by the resident teachers of the Turin venue of the Event Horizon School. The school is Italy’s biggest game development school.

Goblin Squad marks the completion of a very significant project. It is the product of a very fruitful collaboration we’ve had with Event Horizon School, the biggest game development school in Italy, shaping the educational paths of its students and their outcome.

Valerio Di Donato, 34BigThings’ CEO

Goblin Squad – Total Division is now available on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $9.99 USD. A special launch promotion for $8.99 USD runs until May 17, 2019.

34BigThings (@34bigthings Twitter) was found in 2013 and is one of the biggest independent game studios in Italy. Based in Turin the studio was born out of the sheer passion and self-sustained throughout as the dedicated group of developers make games they love.