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Katana ZERO Release Slices the Competition

Developer askiisoft alongside publisher Devolver Digital is ready to slice up baddies, the competition, and even reality in their latest release Katana ZERO. This previously announced samurai action 2D platformer saw its full release today, April 18, 2019.

Featuring a world of stylish 1980’s inspired neo-noir pixel art, this action filled platformer is loaded with slashing, dashing, and instant-death combat. And don’t forget about manipulating time and explore the past in spectacular displays of acrobatic brutality.

Katana ZERO’s story follows a mysterious tale of a lone swordsman. Dealing with a clouded history full of challenges players will need to navigate the story through an often unreliable narrator and an ever increasingly unreliable reality.

The game uses a radical dialog design. Players should notice the subtle and shocking detours the narrative story that is based on not only what the hero says to others, but when he says it and if he interrupts the conversation.

Katana ZERO is available now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, GOG, and Humble Store for $14.99 USD. By clicking the Humble Bundle link, Nano Gaming News may receive a small share of any sale made through this link.

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Askiisoft (@askiisoft Twitter) is a collective developer of quality independent games that includes titles such as Tower of Heaven and Pause Ahead.

Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital Twitter)is an Austin, Texas based video game publisher and film distributor.