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Katana ZERO Samurai Platformer Slashes and Dashes This March

Collective developer Askiisoft and Devolver Digital have announced their partnership bringing the samurai action platformer Katana ZERO to PC and consoles this March.

Katana ZERO is a pixelated neo-noir samurai story featuring slashing, dashing, and time manipulation. The story unfolds through cinematic sequences woven throughout gameplay that twists, turns, and folds into a unexpected conclusion in this near highly stylish 80s retro 2D action platformer.

Unravel the past in a stylish acrobatic display of absolute brilliant combat. Show off the samurai’s badassery through deflecting bullets back, dodging attacks, and utilizing traps and explosives to creatively defeat foes and complete each unique level.

Those in attendance to PAX South this weekend will find Katana ZERO playable at the Devolver Digital booth.

Katana ZERO will be available on the Steam platform for PC when the game launches in March 2019.

Askiisoft is a collective developer of quality independent games that includes titles such as Tower of Heaven and Pause Ahead. Devolver Digital is an Austin, Texas based video game publisher and film distributor.

For more information on Katana ZERO, Askiisoft, or Devolver Digital visit their websites.