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The Art of Horology on Steam

A new and highly educational game, The Art of Horology is now on Steam. Horology is defined as the study and measurement of time. In others words the art of making instruments to measure time such as clocks and watches.

In this game players participate in an educational simulation experience where they build a wrist watch. During the process facts about the history of watch-making are given.

All of the material in the game simulation is based in The Art of Horology Project, a nonprofit workshop curriculum created by Steven Richardson. The project’s goal is to increase awareness of the profession of watchmaking and the art of horology itself. Started in 2008 in New York state, the project has operated programs at several sites in the state and caught the attention of celebrities such as Tracy Morgan.

This is the first game ever that teaches users how to assemble a wrist watch.

Art of Horology increases a sharp mental focus, discipline, and conscientiousness. It also augments a deepened sense of self-worth through accomplishment and risk taking.

Steven Richardson, Watchmaker Master

The Art of Horology is available on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $9.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until April 13 for $8.99 USD. Educators can contact The Art of Horology for a discount at