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Staxel 1.4 Patch is Live

Last week the Staxel developers quietly released Staxel patch 1.4 in a quick announcement on the Steam community page. Staxel 1.4 brings both the game and players closer to leaving early access for the voxel sandbox world of farming and building.

In the latest patch notes, which has seen several minor updates since its public release, a new villager has arrived. Additionally 3 existing villagers, Leif, Jamie, and Eris, now have friendship quests and gift dialogues.

Most importantly a new bi-weekly festival has arrived. There will be portals and magical islands for players to explore.

Magic crafting has arrived. Players can talk to Cirahna after finishing her Liked quest where she will unlock more details. Starbits have been added as a random spawn adding some additional illumination at night and are used in some of the new crafting recipes. VIP Merchants have been added that offer more exotic merchandise.

The recipe and crafting UI has seen several improvements. Learned recipes now visually show if they have been learned. For modders it is now possible to add custom collections and recipe categories.

Tools can be upgraded by collecting the necessary crafting materials from various locations including the new portal zones. A new tool, the weed killer, is faster than the scythe, but doesn’t give players petals or seeds is now available. The watering can no longer holds infinite water and can be refilled with a water block or a sink.

The mail system has seen some changes. Players can now send mail to each other. One or two postal workers may visit the town once certain conditions are met. There are new recipes for post office type objects.

Several new types of fish, bugs, and clothing items have appeared. The shipping station has seen several changes and no longer offers everything for sale. In addition the station is now locked behind Leif’s friendship quest.

Seasons last 30 days, up from 16 days, and players cans stay awake much longer. Fainting is still a possibility.

Many new performance and world loading improvements had been introduced to create a smoother gaming experience.

For the latest patch notes join the Staxel Discord at and visit the #announcements channel.

Staxel is available on Steam or at Humble Bundle. By clicking the Humble Bundle link Nano Gaming News may receive a small share of any sale made through this link.

Staxel (@StaxelGame Twitter) is developed by Plukit development team based out of the Netherlands and is published by Humble Bundle. The game is currently in Early Access. For more information on Staxel visit the game’s website at