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Staxel Talks Mining Island in Magic Update Preview

Staxel the creative agriculture farming voxel based sandbox village life game teased an upcoming Magic Update just after the new year. Now the details are being previewed and islands are in the future, more specific the Staxel mining island.

According to the Staxel blog the first island is under development and they are a “good way through” it.

The island is showcased as a mining island and is the first the team has been putting together. Accessible by a portal and after some exploration, more portals will be discovered that transport the player to different levels of the mine.

Initially only one part of the island will be accessible. The first level of the mines is where players will being their explorations into the branching caverns and underground lakes. No word on if there will be fishing in these lakes.

The key thing stressed is exploration and gathering. In the mines ore can be found that is not available on the main island. The ore is used to upgrade tools. Upgraded tools will have a big impact on workflow allowing more time for other activities.

In the future more details about different islands will be revealed and at this point they are not sharing anymore secrets with players about Staxel mining island.

Taking a look at the provided magic update preview screenshots for the Staxel mining island the world looks very interesting. There are lots of areas with nooks and crannies to explore, or in the case of the Staxel universe, mine. Take note of the possible building in the underground lake area. Is it a building or is it a glorified deck? If it is a building could it be a house for potentially new NPCs?

Staxel (@StaxelGame Twitter) is developed by Plukit development team based out of the Netherlands and is published by Humble Bundle. The game is currently in Early Access.

For more information on Staxel visit their website at