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Breach Shadow Master Veil Demon Added

The latest addition to the action combat RPG Breach comes in form of the Shadow Master Veil Demon. Ever since QC Games released their first content road map at the end of January they have been busy which includes introducing the Pyromancer and Medic classes.

In Patch 0.2: Shadow Master, the veil demon that was previously seen at the Breach Invitational, goes live. With the Shadow Master, enemies can be cloned and players can utilize deployable buff stations to enhance the minions under their control. Players get to choose how they will utilize these clones. Some may choose to use them defensively while others may choose to use them offensively. The Heroes no have a whole new world of chaos to deal with when the Shadow Master comes out to play.

Also included in Patch 0.2 is the new Challenge System. Players are now able to unlock in-game rewards for each class as each individual class is leveled all the way up to 30. The rewards are varied and include things such as equipment, gold, emotes, hats, prestige class names, and outfits. Each class has class specific talents, ability unlocks, and gems as well. At levels 16 and 18 players can unlock the ability to use general and ultimate spells from any other owned class in the same school of magic.

The patch includes several class balance adjustments and bug fixes. Players will now receive all 6 default Hero Classes instead of a single one chosen at character creation. The Free Weekly Rotation has been reduced to two classes instead of four and the rotation updates on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Several classes have seen their price reduced.

All of the patch notes can be seen on the Breach website at

QC Games (@QCGameDev Twitter) is based out of Austin, Texas. The studio was founded in 2015 by industry veterans from some of the biggest developers of the last 20 years who are working on the studio’s first title, Breach.