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Breach Layouts First Content Roadmap

Breach entered paid Early Access last week and QC Games is now ready to layout their first content roadmap.

Over the next couple of months players can expect to see new enemies, a new Challenge System, a new map, and three more classes added. All of these will be alongside QC Games continuing efforts in addressing all stability issues and gameplay bugs along the way. A full version 1.0 launch is set for alter this year.

The first new hero class coming to Breach is the Pyromancer. As an offensive based Arcane school of magic wizard, players can conjure fire to attack enemies. Set foes ablaze and build up the ultimate ability Inferno where when used unleashes a dragon-like cone of high damage fire. Fire good! Enemies bad!

Breach is available on Steam Early Access with the Starter Pack at $24.99 USD. The Veil Demon Pack is $39.99 USD and the Hero Pack is $59.99 USD. All three are available for purchase in a single Supporter Bundle for $99.99 USD.

QC Games (@QCGameDev Twitter) is based out of Austin, Texas. Founded in 2015 by industry veterans from some of the biggest developers of the last 20 years are working on their first title, Breach. Previously, QC Games covered several of the playable hero classes in Breach such as the Auros GladiatorElementalistNecromancer, Sniper, or Veil Demon Worldshaper.