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Robo Instructus Launches Free Public Beta

Big AB Games revealed their newest title, Robo Instructus, and announced a free public beta. Robo Instructus is a programming puzzle game featuring an artful aesthetic with a compelling sci-fi story.

In the game players take on the role of a salvage engineer on a distant world. There they will discover a hidden language and unleash their spirit of creativity through learning to program a salvage robot on the forgotten alien world. As players discover the robot’s functionality, they will learn new programming commands. Remotely controlled players are able to manipulate the robot through hostile and dangerous environments while uncovering a web of sci-fi storytelling.

Players learn to code the robots actions and movement. As the code becomes more efficient so too will a players strategic options. A multitude of of ways to overcome challenges will open up allowing the player to delve deeper into the game’s desolate world.

Each puzzle in Robo Instructus asks you to not only get your robot somewhere, but to properly articulate every step in how it gets there. Succeed and you can embrace a sort of narrative archaeology as you uncover the game’s secrets.

So players are learning the game’s programming language, inventing solutions, finding new tools and piecing together the story of the world. At its core, though, is the articulation. There’s just a real thrill to translating your ideas into code and seeing them actually work. That thrill is a lot of what Robo Instructus is about.

Alex Butler, Robo Instructus solo developer

Beta participants who provide feedback have a chance of getting a free copy of the full game when it launches later in the Summer. Players interested in the free beta can sign up at the Robo Instructus website at

Robo Instructus is set to launch in the Summer of 2019 on Steam.

Big AB Games (@bigabgames Twitter) was founded in 2017 by solo developer Alex Butler.