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Neverdark RTS Set in Real Cities Announced

Slitherine Software have announced game developer Simteract’s first game title, Neverdark, is an RTS set in real world cities.

Little is known beyond the trailer and pre-alpha screen shots. The game takes place after a global blackout where all modern technology was wiped out on December 24th, 2030 and is set in the real world. Lights, the internet, global communications, electronics are all non-functional.

The world is still there. The builds, the streets, the people, but all tech is down for the count. A new hostile world has risen where people struggle to survive. Eventually it was discovered some of the satellites in orbit are still functioning and others have developed a communication network. Now is the time to reclaim and rebuild.

In the world of Neverdark players will follow the story of a group of survivors in the real life streets of Paris, New York, and Tokyo as they fight for control of the cities.

We fell in love with Neverdark from Day One. It’s a fresh approach to strategy gaming and it has so many departures from the classic tropes, whilst still being true to the genre. It has all the elements to become a long-lasting franchise, which we will be investing in for a long time to come.

Iain McNeil, Development Director of Slitherine

Neverdark is a pausable real-time strategy where society has collapsed in the global blackout. Players lead a group of survivors who must contend with other factions, invest resources for expansion of influence, and take the cities back street by street. Both politics and social evolution are as important as combat.

Neverdark is set for a PC release in 2019. For more information visit

Slitherine Software (@SlitherineGames Twitter) is a London based game publisher. Simteract is a Polish game developer.