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Ape Out Breaks Out Into Release Action

Ape Out breaks out and smashes into release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

After a short delay, Digital Devolver along with indie developer team, Gabe Cuzzillo, Matt Boch and Bennett Foddy, are ready to let players unleash their smash’em up rage. The top view frantic escape takes place across four procedurally generated areas riddled with jailers to smash, bash, or crash against any objects in the ape’s path.

With all game releases comes game trailers. Ape Out’s trailer is made by Powerhouse Animation, the group behind the Castlevania animated film on Netflix.

The game plays out on a very simple premise. Players guide an escaped ape on his journey to freedom. Anyone who gets in the way must be dealt with in whatever manner is deemed necessary. Jailers can be flung against walls, out windows, used as shields, trigger traps, or any other means imaginable in game.

As players play through the game the jazz filled soundtrack and Jackson Pollock like visuals create a full sensory explosion of delight with each jailer elimination.

Help the ape escape now as Ape Out is currently available on Steam for PC and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 USD.

Gabe Cuzzillo (@gabecuzzillo Twitter) is an independent developer who also developed Foiled a local two-player fighting game about swords, soul-theft, and everything in between. Ape Out’s sound is composed by Matt Boch (@mattboch Twitter) and art design by Bennett Foddy (@bfod Twitter).

Devolver Digital is an Austin, Texas based video game publisher and film distributor.