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Ape Out Delayed Until February 28

The smash ’em up all out brawler Ape Out has been delayed until February 28, 2019. Originally scheduled for released on February 7, this delay is to ensure players see bodies explode at a beautiful full 60fps.

Developed by Gabe Cuzzillo, alongside Matt Boch and Bennett Foddy with publisher Devolver Digital, Ape Out is shaping up to be one of the top indie games of 2019. The top-down game sets players loose as they control an ape trying to escape a cage.

Players navigate the ape through various corridors on the level in a frenetic pace smashing and pulverizing guards. Each smashed body is set to a beautifully composed jazz soundtrack with cymbals clashing for each uptick of the body count. The music fits perfectly with the stylized drawing of color and shapes creating a complete orgy of sensory carnage.

Ape Out is set to break out on Steam for PC and Nintendo Switch on February 28, 2019. Ape Out is available for for pre-order on Nintendo Switch for $14.99 USD.

Gabe Cuzzillo (@gabecuzzillo Twitter) is an independent developer who also developed Foiled a local two-player fighting game about swords, soul-theft, and everything in between. Ape Out’s sound is composed by Matt Boch (@mattboch Twitter) and art design by Bennett Foddy (@bfod Twitter).

Devolver Digital is an Austin, Texas based video game publisher and film distributor.