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Willowbrooke Post Reveals Soundtrack Samples

The long awaited post office management simulation story Willowbrooke Post is fast approaching the game’s Early Access launch. With that additional characters and soundtrack samples have been revealed.

Willowbrooke Post’s two newly revealed characters are Andrea and Ren. Little is known or was shared, unlike previous reveals, about the characters except for a few screenshots. Andrea has pink hair and appears to be wearing a business like blouse. Ren has black hair and is wearing a purple shirt with black vest. One can only guess what either character’s role in the community will play beyond both appear to be well dressed.

In addition to the new character reveals, two soundtrack samples composed by Chris Randle, Willowbrooke Post’s composer. The first track is the Willowbrooke Post Main Theme. Included are Chris’s comments on main theme.

The overarching goal of the soundtrack was to create something that reflects the warmth and neighbourliness of life in a small village. The main theme sets the scene, so it had to communicate this idea. I focused on making the musical setting as intimate as I could by using brushes on drums, breathy woodwinds and fingerpicked guitars.

Chris Randle on the Willowbrooke Post Main Theme

The other released soundtrack sample for Willowbrooke Post is titled Train Journey Through a Snowy Landscape. This particular piece accompanies the game’s opening sequence as the player travels from their home to Willowbrooke.

The train to Willowbrooke takes place on a snowy New Years Eve night. I wanted to capture this in the music. The melody itself is based on a steam train whistle, played using blown bottle samples. I chose the accompanying organ because it reminded me of the chuffs of a steam engine. The high chimes sit behind it all to add a wintery, starry feel.

Chris Randle on the Willowbrooke Post – Train Journey Through a Snowy Landscape

Chris Randle (@chris_randle Twitter) has been a freelance composer and sound designer since 2013. After graduating from Westminster University Chris started his career at Blitz Games Studios. There he worked on several titles spanning four and a half years across most major platforms. He gained valuable experience collaborating with development teams and using audio middleware. For more information on Chris Randle’s talents visit his website at

Willowbrooke Post is scheduled to enter Steam Early Access on March 14, 2019.

Willowbrooke Post is a passion project for solo developer Dante Knoxx. With nearly a decade of industry experience Knoxx has worked on various innovative projects for PC and Xbox. Production on Willowbrooke began in late 2017 and signed with Excalibur Games in 2018. Excalibur Games is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd.