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Willowbrooke Post Delivers Magnifique Character Trailer

Excalibur Games delivered a new character trailer for the character-based post office management game that introduces Magnifique.

Previous trailers include a gameplay trailer and a character introduction to the trusty town postman Pete.

Magnifique is one of the other leading characters living in Willowbrooke. He is known for his vibrant and humorous personality. Not to mention the self-proclaimed true beauty he graces the town’s villagers with as they in dire need of it.

The primary reason for Magnifique’s move to Willowbrooke was to show off his beauty, and of course to be close to his mother whom he considers the greatest woman in his life. He also has a tight social circle of fashionistas, personal trainers, dietary experts, and various other fabulous figures.

He has set up a studio and is awaiting his new camera from the post so he can start snapping shots for his True Beauty brand products.

Willowbrooke will be in Steam Early Access on March 14, 2019 for PC.

Willowbrooke Post is a passion project for solo developer Dante Knoxx. With nearly a decade of industry experience Knoxx has worked on various innovative projects for PC and Xbox. Production on Willowbrooke Post began in late 2017 and signed on with Excalibur Games in 2018.

Excalibur Games is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd.

To learn more about Willowbrooke Post and Excalibur Games visit their sites.