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Overwatch Year of the Pig Lunar Event Begins

The seasonal Year of the Pig Lunar New Year event for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch has begun. This year’s event brings players several new in game items, a new CTF map, and access to previous Lunar New Year event items.

Eight previously announced skins have been introduced. Hong Gildong Tracer, Sanye Orisa, General Brigitte, Zhuge Liang ZenyattaZhang Fei TorbjörnGuan Yu ReinhardtLü Bu Reaper, and Huang Zhong Hanzo. Five of the skins are based off of historical figures from the Chinese novel The Romance of The Three Kingdoms. The Hong Gildong Tracer skin is based off the Korean novel The Story of Hong Gildong. General Brigitte has a similar resemblance to the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin.

In addition to the new skins, two new emotes, six victory poses, ten voice lines, eight new sprays, numerous player icons, and one highlight intro that features Lucio drumming. Two of the new sprays are locked behind event achievements.

This year also features a new capture the flag map with CTF: Busan. Lijiang Tower has seen a festive overhaul for the Lunar New Year event. Ayutthaya is back as the first Overwatch map set in Thailand.

Players upon logging in for the first time during the event will receive a complimentary Lunar New Year event loot box.

The Overwatch Year of the Pig celebration starts on January 24, and runs until February 18, 2019. Happy Lunar New Year and good luck on farming those new legendary skins!