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Breach Shows Off Sniper Class Trailer

Breach is at it again with another class video, this time it is the assassin Sniper Class trailer. The Sniper combines both magic and technology to form a deadly long range killer for this combat action RPG co-op.

Like previous class trailers the Sniper class has a few highlighted abilities shown off in all their glory. Naturally the first ability showcased and signature spell is Snipe. The ability fires after an short aiming delay dealing heavy damage to a single target.

Tactical Shot wounds a target that inhibits dodging. Vortex Slug pulls all enemies to its impact location. Multiple Snare Traps can be deployed to protect a players vantage point from melee attackers.

A powerful ultimate ability Precision Barrage empties the chambers of the players gun quickly dealing fast focused damage on the target.

The Sniper class is just one of dozens of playable hero classes in Breach such as the Auros GladiatorElementalistNecromancer, or Veil Demon Worldshaper.

Breach is currently in paid Early Access on Steam for $24.99 USD.