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Breach Shows Off Elementalist Class in New Trailer

QC Games has released a new class trailer showing off the Elementalist for the RPG game Breach. Similar to previous class trailers such as the Auros Gladiator and Necromancer, this one highlights the Elementalist class abilities, combat styling, and gameplay.

The Elementalist class is a member of the Arcane school of magic that draws power from the elements of nature such as fire, wind, water, and ice. With those powers combined players will be a true force of nature while providing support for the group.

Some of the highlighted abilities include Quake, Meteor, Aqueous Globe, and Elemental Quintessence. Quake sends shock waves from the ground below enemies knocking them down. Fiery Meteors can be called down from the sky on an enemy causing massive impact damage and burn.

Aqueous Globe is used to fortify a location creating a shield from all incoming enemy attacks. Elemental Quintessence is a ultimate ability that revives and heals all nearby allies.

Breach will enter paid Steam Early Access in January 2019 with the Free-To-Play full launch in 2019. Special Breach pre-order packages are available starting at $24.99 USD.

Interested players can visit and take advantage of exclusive offers from the various pre-order packs that include Steam Early Access, and unique in-game items like sprays, dance emotes, digital artbook, and much more.

QC Games is based out of Austin, Texas. Founded in 2015 by industry veterans from some of the biggest developers of the last 20 years are working on their first title, Breach.