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Heroes Ravage Now on Kickstarter

The Pixel Dinos previously announced action 4v4 multiplayer title Heroes Ravage is now on Kickstarter.

Heroes Ravage is a game full of loot crazed Heroes who have no remorse for their actions against villagers desperate to protect their valuables. Naturally an all-out brawl ensues to pillage or protect all the loot.

Along with the Kickstarter launch the studio released a new trailer video for Heroes Ravage. The trailer highlights many of the games key features.

Players are able to play online in a 4v4 multiplayer environment where they play on one of two unique teams. As a Villager the player tries to hide and protect their valuables or as the trailer describes green crystals called Axis. Or players can be the Heroes who are in a ravenous loot crazed frenzy to claim it all.

We are looking forward to be able to share our game with all the players that stole from NPCs before! All members of the team always loved RPGs and we believe that Heroes Ravage will resonate with a lot of players that share this passion.

Marcelo Norberto, Programmer at Pixel Dinos

A crafting system allows players to create the tools they need. Villagers can craft spikes, spinning blades, and iron bars to help barricade, reinforce doors, and lay traps for the pillagers. Heroes can craft a vast array of weapons, bombs, and potions.

The game features many areas of customization. From character appearances to room layouts and even their pets are all customizable.

Each match is broken into two phases. The first phase is crafting time. During this phase Heroes are doing quests and defeating monsters to earn loot which in turn is used to craft new gear to help them in the second phase. During this phase Villagers are busy hiding their loot, setting up traps, and other necessary actions.

Heroes Ravage questing | Pixel Dinos
Heroes Ravage questing | Pixel Dinos

The second phase is ravage time. Heroes come after the loot and villagers get to stand in the way. Each character has a strength and weight value. So players can push and pull on each other. For example a hero is as strong as two lumberjacks. Add a third and they can pull a hero along. For Villagers working together is key to overpowering the heroes.

At the end of the ravage phase all the Axis the Heroes missed the villagers get to keep. When the game ends players get to add some Axis to their in game currency balance that allows for cosmetic items to be purchased from the in game shop.

Heroes Ravage will be released first on Windows and after on Linux and Mac. The Kickstarter campaign runs until 9:00 AM Tuesday, February 19, 2019. More information can be found on the Heroes Ravage website at

Pixel Dinos (@PixelDinos Twitter) is a Portuguese game studio created in 2017 by Mario Machado, Marcelo Norberto and Daniel Silvério. Pixel Dinos is currently working on the team’s first title Heroes Ravage.