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Heroes Ravage Announces Kickstarter Date

Game studio Pixel Dinos has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for their action 4v4 multiplayer game Heroes Ravage will start on January 15, 2019.

Heroes Ravage features heroes with little to no remorse and villagers desperate to protect their valuables in an all-out brawl. The game acts as a satire and tribute to the old RPG genre where players would enter a dwelling in the game and steal all the items.

Players get control of both heroes and villagers. One may choose to help protect the villagers goods and get payback or simply let greed run its course and take everything.

The game features customizable characters, rooms, and even pets. There are various traps and tools that provide players various ways to protect the villagers house or destroy it. All of this is wrapped up in a 4v4 online multiplayer of two teams with very unique aspects.

Heroes Ravage will first come to PC. Interested players can sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter campaign goes live on the official website for the game.

Pixel Dinos (@PixelDinos Twitter) is a Portuguese game studio created in 2017 by Mario Machado, Marcelo Norberto and Daniel Silvério. Pixel Dinos is currently working on the team’s first title Heroes Ravage.