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Breach Brawls into Early Access Next Week

Independent game developer QC Games announced that Breach, their long awaited premier RPG-like dungeon brawler action title, will be coming to Steam Early Access next week on January 17, 2019.

Leading up to the release Breach has covered various classes in special highlight trailers such as the Auros Gladiator, Elementalist, and Necromancer.

Breach is a story that began 70,000 years ago when humanity was on the verge of extinction when a group of immortals created Veil. In the process the was split into two realities. One reality is the familiar Earth we all know. The other is an alternate Earth where mythological creatives thrive.

Now the Veil has been shattered. The two worlds are collapsing into each other with catastrophic consequences.

Players takes on the roles of heroes who are imbued with “The Spark” to master magical abilities. Iconic locations are featured from around the world that have been breached by the parallel Earth as players clash against legendary mythological enemies including an unexplained malevolent spirit, the Veil Demon.

In Breach players have access to dozens of classes with endless customization options and the ability to switch to any class at any time. Players also have the option to take on the role of the main antagonist, the Veil Demon. As the Veil Demon players can conjure traps, summon elite demons, and use their powers of possession to control enemies including massive boss monsters preventing players from completing their mission objectives.

Breach features fast third person action in co-op, solo, and competitive online modes.

During Early Access constant updates are planned including new areas, classes, magic abilities, and much more.

Breach enters paid Steam Early Access on January 17, 2019. A free to play launch is scheduled for later in 2019.

Special Breach pre-order packages are available starting at $24.99. In order to secure a pre-order package with bonus content that ends with Early Access, visit the Breach Shop by January 16 at 11:59 CDT to grab exclusive offers that include unique in-game items like sprays, dance emotes, a digital artbook, and much more.

QC Games (@QCGameDev Twitter) is based out of Austin, Texas. Founded in 2015 by industry veterans from some of the biggest developers of the last 20 years are working on their first title, Breach.

For more information about Breach or QC Games visit their websites.