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Retro Throwback FPS DUSK Out Now

The previously announced retro throwback FPS from New Blood Interactive DUSK has left Early Access.

Inspired by golden-era shooters such as Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, and Half-Life players in DUSK should expect lots of shooting. Players can use awesome weapons such as dual-wielded shotguns and rocket launchers as they carve a bloody trail of carnage through mystical cultists, possessed militants, and all sorts of other dark forces while attempting to discover what lurks beneath the Earth.

DUSK is available on Steam for $20.00 USD. A special Intruder Edition that includes an official soundtrack and graphic novel is available for $29.99 USD. A launch week discount of 17% runs until December 17 with the base game at $16.66 USD and the Intruder Edition at $24.99 USD.

For more information on DUSK or New Blood Interactive visit their websites.