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Retro FPS DUSK Sees December Launch Date

New Blood Interactive has revealed that their retro throwback FPS DUSK will officially launch December 10, 2018 on Steam.

DUSK currently in Early Access has became one of Steam’s highest rated FPS of all time. While in Early Access the game showed off two out of the three campaign episodes and online multiplayer arena.

Players who purchased DUSK before Halloween in Early Access will be receiving the DUSK fifty plus page graphic novel for free.

In DUSK, players are tasked with surviving the night against various nefarious evildoers and villainous individuals. The game starts off in a northeastern U.S. backwoods farmhouse where the players awakens strung up on a meat hook.

There is a vast spectrum of weaponry in which players will have access. Rifles, swords, crossbows, sickles, dual-wielded shotguns, rocket launchers, and more. You get the idea. All of these weapons are put to great use in killing mystical cultists, possessed militants, and all sorts of other dark forces while attempting to discover what lurks beneath the Earth.

DUSK takes inspiration from other golden-era shooters such as Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, and Half-Life. Players are challenged by several game modes including the three-part campaign, Endless Survival Mode, and “DUSKWorld” the online multiplayer arena.

Available on Steam in Early Access now and v1.0 official Steam launch on December 10, 2018 at a special launch price of $16.66 USD. DUSK also received a Halloween update that has added a 3rd endless arena, new multiplayer character, and full controller support.

DUSK was developed by David Szymanski (Follow David on Twitter)who has developed other titles such as The Moon Silver, A Wolf in Autumn, The Music Machine. The game’s soundtrack was created by Andrew Hulshult (Follow Andrew on Twitter) and features a raw and epic metal sound. Visit the New Blood Interactive site for more information about the publisher.