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Pre-Alpha Begins Soon For Upcoming Sandbox MMORPG Fractured

Dynamight Studios has announced that Pre-Alpha testing for its upcoming SpatialOS-based title Fractured is going to start this Friday, November 30, at 6pm CET (9am PST).

The game is the first open-world sandbox MMORPG that mixes combat with fully interactable environments.

Players can immediately jump right into the fray and defeat enemies through skill and cleverness rather than equipment and level. Resources can be gathered for crafting and trade. Guilds can start a settlement and grow it into an empire or a player may decide to venture as a lone wolf.

There are three races in Fractured: Humans, Beastmen, and Demons. Each race has an actual impact on game mechanics with the type of society the character lives in to the way the player character interacts with other players.

The traditional MMO grind has been replaced with an innovative take on horizontal progression similar to that of a MOBA without losing the persistence and sense of progression of an MMO.

Character progression skill systems have been replaced with a new knowledge system that rewards courage and cleverness. Knowledge points are earned and then can be spent on Talent Points that complement the character. Abilities are learned and discovered through combat, exploration, gathering, crafting, and time.

The upcoming Pre-Alpha test phase is set to last about two months with 100 to 150 players chosen from the most active members of the community. A strict NDA is enforced.

Alpha 1 launch, slated for December, has been postponed to Q1 2019 with a late January 2019 being the earliest possible date. Access to Alpha 1 and beyond is permanent and can be purchased at the Fractured Store.

Players who wish to stay updated on Fractured can register for a free account at Signing up gives everyone the chance to obtain rewards by being an active part of the Fractured community, which already counts over 40,000 registered users.

Dynamight Studios is an independent game development startup based in Milan, Italy. Their goal is to innovate the world of Sandbox MMOs by opening it up to new audiences. The team consists of 8 full-time employees all working on their flagship product Fractured that has had a successful Kickstarter.

To learn more about Fractured or Dynamight Studios visit their sites.