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Scorchlands to Leave Early Access This Month

Publisher Star Drifters and independent developer Ringlab have announced the Early Access exit and upcoming 1.0 release of Scorchlands later this July.

After nearly 17 months in Early Access, Scorchlands is getting ready to fully release with additional content, new models, achievements, and controller support. With the version 1.0 game release, the developer will have achieved all the roadmap goals introduced on the Early Access launch day. Numerous small updates have also shaped the game’s journey to the full product release.

Gameplay is focused on the strategic story of a race of birdfolk called Giwi. With dreams of space travel to learn about the universe, the bird nation have organized an exploratory expedition to the moon Helia. On this hostile moon’s hex grid-based surface, the Giwi seek to establish several settlements. To terraform the moon and replace desert with meadows, forests, and lakes, the Giwi will deploy both technology and magic.

Magic plays a significant role in the game by adding a bit of chaos. Use of magic may summon a variety of beasts to the moon’s surface. As the Giwi expand their colonization efforts, more and more surprises will be encountered with increasingly challenging gameplay. Through complex resource management and the logistical transport of extracted materials, players will create robust processing chains.

Combat is minimalistic. Positioning is key. Destroy enemies by surrounding them. Place forces in optimal locations to achieve combat victory.

Terraform for the great good of the Giwi. Use technology and magic to change biomes on the procedurally generated map. Exploit resources to gain the upper hand. New discoveries will open up new ways to play within the game world. Tackle the 20 diverse achievements and help the Giwi achieve their space goals.

Scorchlands Availability

The Scorchlands Early Access exit is scheduled for July 25, 2024. At this time there is no information on a price increase with the 1.0 release. Players should note that in the Early Access developer notes there was a mention of a possible price increase once the game fully launches. In the near future, the developers plan to add an additional 21 supported languages.

Scorchlands is currently available in Early Access on Windows and Linux for PC via Steam for $11.99. Now until July 11, 2024, a special promotion discounts the game by 40%. A free Scorchlands demo is available on Steam.

For more information visit the Scorchlands Discord below or visit the official website at

Scorchlands – Full Release Date Trailer | Star Drifters

Publisher and Developer Information

Star Drifters

Star Drifters is an independent game development studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Industry veterans Michal Sokolski and Krzysztof Jakubowski, founded the company in 2014. Starting in 2020, the studio begun incubating select indie titles and the teams behind the title. Support is tailored to the game and team needs that may include production, design, and positioning through financing to the sale of the final product. The studio’s portfolio includes Lumencraft, Danger Scavenger, Driftland: The Magic Revival, and the currently in development Scorchlands.


Ringlab is an indie game development studio. Based in Łódź, Poland, the studio was founded by Jakub Rogalski. In the past, Rogalski worked on all the SUPERHOT titles. Since 2020, the studio’s focus has been on the development of Scorchlands.