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Necro Story RPG Demo Released Ahead of Steam Next Fest

Small independent Belgian studio, Rablo Games, has released a demo for their colorful light-hearted RPG, Necro Story, ahead of this coming June’s Steam Next Fest. In addition to the demo, a new story trailer is available, giving viewers a glimpse of the fun to come.

As a sort of evil necromancer named Jaimus, players are tasked with saving the world. Using the powers of necromancy, players will cast powerful spells, raise skeletons, sign dark pacts with demons, and capture souls. Summon vast armies of undead and recruit the souls of defeated foes to form an unstoppable team.

There are five schools of magic to explore: Affliction, Darkness, Life Stealing, Summoning, and Dark Pacts. With over 20 spells, each with their own unique skill tree, players are encouraged to experiment. Explore surroundings for hidden paths to unlock and gain access to unique equipment and items.

Capture souls of enemies and forge a team of up to 9 members. Sign Dark Pacts and unleash devastating powers via transformation. Outwit and overpower enemies in dynamic real-time battles.

Jaimus is guided by a mischievous ghost named Vivi. The adventures throughout the underworld blend humorous writing and strategic auto-battler mechanics together to form a story full of silly interactions. While saving the world is super important, this RPG doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Necro Story Availability

The PC demo for Necro Story is available on Steam. Players can also wishlist the game now on Steam. From June 10 to June 17, Necro Story will also be participating in Steam Next Fest.

Necro Story has a planned release for September 2024. The game will launch on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. No details on game pricing were available at press time.

For more information visit the Necro Story visit the official website at

Necro Story – Reveal Trailer | Rablo Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Rablo Games

Rablo Games is an independent video game studio based in Belgium. Founded in 2014 by Pablo Coma, the studio utilizes a distinctive 2D art style while trying to offer something truly unique with each of their games. After developing Healer’s Quest as a solo project, Coma reunited with Baptiste, a former Game Jam partner from 2014, to develop Necro Story using the Unity game engine. In February 2024, the studio added Clémence to the team as an illustrator who is busy working on the studio’s current and next project.