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Goblin Stone Turn-Based RPG Prepares To Launch in Q1 2024

Award-winning indie game development studio Orc Chop Games gas announced that Goblin Stone, their tactical turn-based RPG with roguelike elements, will launch on PC in Q1 2024. The self published title flips the script and has players help the goblins survive against nefarious adventurers.

Assemble a ragtag party of Goblins and navigate the world in order to survive. Hunted to near extinction, the band of Goblins will have to fend off adventurous humans looking for loot, pompous elves, and surly dwarves. On top of all the action, players will have to oversee an underground lair.

The 2D world of Goblin Stone is a procedurally generated hand-drawn environment with a uniquely stunning artistic styling. Scottish voice actor James Smillie lends his vocal charm to the fully narrated title. Award-winning composer Peter McConnell (Hearthstone, Psychonauts 2, and Monkey Island) provides the melodic musical backdrop for the game.

Gameplay features the ability to choose from hundreds of combinations between the various Goblin classes, weapons, abilities, and paths along the map. With over 60 different enemy types, 25 Boss battles, and the ability to grow and manage one’s own lair, players will find plenty of activities that lay before them. Experimentation with an innovative breeding system allows players to fuse goblin genes to improve their attributes and customize their squad to ensure the survive of the Goblin race.

Goblin Stone Availability

A free-to-play Goblin Stone demo is available on Steam. The demo contains an introduction to the roguelike RPG adventure where players will recruit goblins, enhance their weapons, upgrade abilities, try their luck at shrines, and face off in some battles.

Goblin Stone is coming to Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store in Q1 2024. Players can add the game to their Steam wishlist now. Details on a Mac PC release or PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch console releases have yet to be announced.

For more information visit the Goblin Stone socials and Discord below or visit the game’s product page on Steam.

Goblin Stone – Official Trailer | Orc Chop games

Publisher and Developer Information

Orc Chop Games

Orc Chop Games is a self-funded indie game studio. Founded in 2009, the studio started out in Redwood City, California, and now have studios in Manila and Beijing through their partners at TOPGAME. With a mission is to create “passion project” games, the studio builds games that are slightly off the beaten path, familiar enough to draw you in yet strange enough to make lasting memories. The studio has seen several accolades including being an Official Selection at the GDWC Game Awards in 2021 and Best Indie Game Winner for Goblin Stone at DevGAMM in Fall 2021.