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Vampire Therapist Aims to Examine Vampire Psyches this June

German indie game developer Little Bat Games have announced a June release date for their debut title Vampire Therapist.

Through the use of real-life therapy techniques at the game’s core, Vampire Therapist allows players to examine and deconstruct immortal vampire psyches. Having an immortal life bloodlust that has lasted through various historical periods across several millennia can carry a heavy emotional toll on a vampire.

Stepping into the role of Sam, a former cowboy and now vampire, players will look for meaning in his immortality. Sam finds help in his effort to learn more about himself from Andromachos, a 3000-year-old therapist who is a reformed warrior and assassin.

However, Sam is not the only member of the undead in need of help. There is a whole list of vampires in dire need of a place to share their problems. From agoraphobia to narcissism, players are charged with helping vampires realize that even though they are not alive, it does not mean that they cannot actually live.

Gameplay takes a visual novel approach and mixes a dark gothic European nightlife setting with comedy similar to that of What We Do in the Shadows and Horrible Histories. Deep introspective subject matters are combined with heartfelt characters to deliver a unique journey through vampire psychology. The characters are written and voiced by Cyrus Nemati (Hades, Pyre) and features a distinctive and expressive design by Sibylle Hell (Sea of Solitude).

Vampire Therapist springs from a belief that humanity could have always benefited from therapy. By providing a playfully dark, yet cozy experience, we hope to demystify therapy and show how it can be helpful to anyone, no matter how old they are.

Cyrus Nemati, Creative Director of Little Bat Games

All the techniques shown in the game have been created with the help and support of licensed therapists to create an authentic experience with an authentic message.

Vampire Therapist Availability

Vampire Therapist has a release date set for June 17, 2024 and will launch on PC for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam. Players can add the game to their Steam wishlist. The game carries a mature content notice as it explores sensitive and potentially triggering topics in a historical context such as war, abuse, sexual oppression, and extremism along with topics about blood as this is a game about vampires.

For more information visit the Vampire Therapist socials below, join the developer’s Discord, or visit the official website at

Vampire Therapist Reveal Trailer | Little Bat Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Little Bat Games

Little Bat Games is an indie game studio based in Berlin, Germany. Founded by writer and voice actor Cyrus Nemati in 2022, Little Bat Games receives funding in partnership with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. The studio aims to create games with rich stories, engaging characters, and innovative mechanics alongside a dedication to sustainable studio practices. Currently the developer is working on their debut title Vampire Therapist.