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Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist Heading to PlayStation Next Week

Next week, players will be invited to step into the world of daring heists in Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist from Midnight Works.

Plan out clever and daring heists. Upgrade skills and outsmart law enforcement. Embrace the shadows of the city, unlock its secrets, and enjoy the riches of being a master thief.

Start with simple hits and evolve to complex operations for epic heists. Explore the dynamic environments and create a meticulous plan for the next thrilling theft. Show off stealthy skills and technical prowess to the delight of the underworld.

Invest and utilize high-tech tools, state-of-the-art lockpicks and hacking gadgets to out smart rivals. Unlock an array of equipment to outfit one’s playstyle. Stealth, speed, and tactical prowess can be tailored to fit needs.

Turn the city in the ultimate thief playground. Break all the rules and escape with the loot. Flaunt success to all by avoiding relentless law enforcement and bask in the glory of the illicit gains from all the hard work.

Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist Availability

Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist has a release date set for January 16, 2024 and will launch on on PlayStation 4. At this time there is no additional information on the game coming to other platforms.

For more information visit the Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist PS4 product page on the PlayStation Store where players can add the game to their wishlist.

Urban Thief Simulator: The Ultimate Heist – Official Trailer | Midnight Works

Publisher and Developer Information

Midnight Works

Midnight Works S.R.L is a Romanian publisher and developer. The company started out with meet-ups making apps in a coffee shop that lasted until midnight giving way to the name Midnight Works. As the company grew it went on to hire employees, acquire an office space, and in 2017 published its first mobile game, Tube Rush. In 2019 Midnight Works had its first big hit, the mobile online multiplayer racer Hashiriya Drifter, and in 2020 took steps to move into the console and PC. Now with a team of over 240 individuals and a satellite office in Bucharest, the company now has more than 100 game titles in the world marketplace.