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Tin Hearts PS VR2 Demo Details

Wired Productions and developer Rogue Sun have announced that the exclusive PS VR2 demo of their immersive narrative puzzle adventure, Tin Hearts, is now available to play.

The Tin Hearts PS VR2 Demo features 6 of the games 50+ levels. Each level is a Lemmings-like puzzle that blends a tale of family, love, and compromise. Through gameplay, players will uncover whimsical inventions with unique abilities that enable the tin soldiers to march forward.

Set in the Butterworth family Victorian-era home, players will guide the tin soldiers from the inventor’s basement to an attic filled with an abundance of toys and inventions. An enchanting soundtrack from award-winning composer Matthew Chastney provides an emotive backdrop to the gameplay experience.

Become a master of time manipulation by observing and altering the outcomes of actions. Take control of an independent Tin Soldier, named Mr Soldier, and solve intricate puzzles.

Tin Hearts Availability

The Tin Hearts PS VR2 Demo is available for free on the PlayStation Store.

Later this year, Tin Hearts will release on PCVR and PS VR2 as a free update. Play in standard or in VR as the game was designed exclusively from the ground up for virtual reality platforms. This past June a Meta Quest 2 version was announced alongside the PCVR and PS VR2 announcement during the Upload VR showcase in a VR Gameplay Reveal trailer.

Tin Hearts is available on PC via Steam, GOG, Epic Game Store, and Utomik for $29.99. Digital editions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch are available at their respective stores for $29.99. Physical editions for the various consoles are available at various retailers. Visit the Wired Productions Tin Hearts‘ product page to find retailers where the physical edition is being sold.

For more information check out the Tin Hearts socials below or visit

Tin Hearts – Mixed Reality VR Trailer | Wired Productions

Publisher and Developer Information

Wired Productions

Wired Productions is an award-winning video game publisher. Founded in 2008 and based in Watford, UK the company has published titles across all major platforms in both physical and digital. Notable game launches from Wired Productions include Deliver Us The MoonClose to the SunGRIP: Combat RacingVictor Vran: Overkill EditionMax: The Curse of BrotherhoodShaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, The Town of Light, Martha Is Dead, Arcade Paradise, and Tin Hearts.

Rogue Sun

Rogue Sun is a game development studio based in the United Kingdom. Founded in May 2016, shortly after the closure of Lionhead Studios, the founding team formed the studio out of a shared passion to create innovative, thoughtful, and memorable gameplay experiences. Previously the team had all worked on multiple Fable games.