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Sengoku Dynasty Farming Update Part 1 Details

Toplitz Productions and Polish developer Superkami have announced details of Part 1 of the Farming Update for their Sengoku Dynasty. Available in Early Access on Steam, the set in a fictional feudal Japan title is a blend of open-world RPG, city builder, life simulation and survival genres.

Sengoku Dynasty‘s Farming Update will arrive in stages. The first stage, Part 1, comes on November 7, adding agriculture via crop cultivation. This new feature adds a way for players to work and manage the land. With a focus on farming, this update is the beginning of a series of updates for farming and dynasty management integration, More updates are planned for the weeks ahead.

Farming Update Part 1 will allow players who enjoy farming activities to plant a variety of crops including garlic, leeks, millet, parsley, turnips, and wasabi. A number of new tools, such as the farming hoe, seed bag and watering bucket are available to maintain planted crops. Players will need to water, fertilize, and weed their sown crops if they wish to reap the benefit of a bountiful harvest. Both land and water fields can be created allowing for highly distinctive rice terraces.

Players who venture south in the game will discover the new farming village of Aratani. Rice farming in this village is a communal affair. Visitors will learn that this tight-knit community offers a variety of NPC characters and traders to interact with, offering a narrative and engaging new quests.

Farming can be a bit smelly and dirty. A new composting station allows players to create fertilizer from rot. The update allows for deforested or overly harvested and cut-down resources to regrow. This process is slow. Mining deposits also have a small chance of respawning. To wrap up Part 1 of the Sengoku Dynasty Farming Update, players can now greet their co-op friends with a polite bow, meditate with the falling leaves, or stretch their backs via Emoting.

Sengoku Dynasty Availability

Sengoku Dynasty is now available in Early Access on PC via Steam for $29.99 / £24.99 / €26.99. The price of Sengoku Dynasty will be lower during the Early Access development period with a price increase at full release.

For more information, visit the Sengoku Dynasty Steam product page.

Sengoku Dynasty – Farming Update Teaser | Toplitz Productions

Publisher and Developer Information

Toplitz Productions (@Toplitz_Prod X (formerly Twitter), @toplitzprod Facebook, YouTube, Twitch) is an Austrian publisher and developer with the goal of offering games that feature “Heart and Soul” to consumers. The company is comprised of veteran game developers and executives who collaborate with multiple studios throughout the world. Toplitz’s portfolio comprises a mix of sports, strategy, adventure, and simulation games for PC and major console platforms.

Superkami Games (@SuperkamiSA X (formerly Twitter), Linkedin) is a fully remote game development studio. Formed under the Toplitz publishing umbrella, the agile studio has a single purpose, to make the best game possible. Consisting of experienced veterans and ambitious newcomers, the team is busy working on their first announced title Sengoku Dynasty.