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Dropkick Navvy: First Step Free Demo on Steam

Lost Eidolons and Blackout Protocol developer Ocean Drive Studio has released a free demo of Dropkick Navvy: First Step. The project is from a passionate small two-person team at the studio.

As a fairy named Navvy, players are tasked to rebuild the world from scratch. To accomplish this task, the World Tree must be upgraded by watering it and sustaining its environment by crafting items. Inventory space is limited, as in two slots, so players will have to kick items using physics. Unlike other crafting sims, the game will end once the world hits its seventh level and the World Tree has grown six times.

Featuring the first three levels, the Dropkick Navvy: First Step demo includes 10 puzzles/challenges, 60 items to craft, and 10 land tiles to open. The demo’s gameplay is expected to last for a couple of hours. For the official game there are some big plans with even more content, puzzles, challenges, and a complete story.

Since we are a small team, the scale of the project is somewhat limited at the moment. However, this limitation comes with the advantage of allowing us to exercise creative freedom, experiment easily, and remain agile while making a game we ourselves can enjoy. We aim to develop a game that, while small in scale, offers a unique experience. We hope our players will find Dropkick Navvy to be exactly that.

Hyeonseong Cha, 50% of the Dropkick Navvy Dev Team

With a small team behind the game, the project is a bit limited in terms of scale. However, the size also meant everyone on the team got to pick a subject they are super passionate about. The team had a blast experimenting with different ideas in the game.

In the last two years, we have delivered two games to the players’ library and have learned a lot in the process. While I don’t know if there is one surefire way to release successful games, I have doubly confirmed that player feedback is key for Ocean Drive Studio. So, I’m delighted to share Dropkick Navvy at this very early stage and start the conversation with our players.

Jae Kim, CEO of Ocean Drive Studio

Currently the game is small in size, but delivers a unique gaming experience. As the framework for gameplay was worked on, a temporary ending at a certain point in the early stage was crafted. Playtesting began with some of the team’s studio pals and now it is time for some community feedback.

Dropkick Navvy: First Step Availability

Dropkick Navvy: First Step is available on Windows PC via Steam as a free demo.

Players are invited to wishlist Dropkick Navvy on Steam. The game currently had a yet to be announced release date. For more information visit the game’s product page on Steam.

Dropkick Navvy – Official Demo Trailer | Ocean Drive Studio

Developer Information

Ocean Drive Studio (@OceanDriveGames X (formerly Twitter), @OceanDriveGames Facebook, YouTube) is a game development studio with offices located in Seoul, Korea and Las Angeles, California. Founded in 2019 and backed by Kakao Games and LB Investments, the studio’s team of 60 is led by CEO Jae Kim. The developer’s intention is to create fun gaming experiences through an open development process while allowing the player community to share feedback that positively impacts the game’s final form. Titles in the studio’s portfolio include Lost Eidolons and Blackout Protocol as well as the currently under development projects of Dropkick Navvy and Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch.