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Great Houses of Calderia Enters Early Access on PC

Firesquid and strategy game developer Resistance Games are celebrating Steam Strategy Fest with the Early Access launch of their feudal grand strategy epic, Great Houses of Calderia.

Secure a lasting dynasty by leading a noble family who desires to rule all of Calderia. As a mythical province of the Empire, Calderia has been scarred by the insatiable thirst for power. Create powerful diplomatic relationships and alliances by using family members to spy, trade, or marry into neighboring houses.

Be careful in who to trust as the old adage, “blood is thick than water” holds true. The destiny of the family rests in the hands and actions of its members. Choices can either strengthen or destroy alliances in a single tactical maneuver.

Using strategic and influential power plays can help increase the house’s power. Expand to new territories, demand allegiances, and create generational traditions to become the predominant house in all of the land. Define the family’s traditions over generations to gain unique advantages and weaknesses.

The fate of Calderia rests in the player’s hands. Honorary Ranks can be used to influence events in favor of the player’s house while also hurting other houses to build a lasting legacy. Naturally, all of these actions are in service of the crown.

Gameplay features a real-time tactical battle system that used to wage war. Social conflicts are managed through a unique resource management system. Send delegations to competing houses and organize trade agreements. Create unique stories, unveil the land of Calderia, and solve its legends and myths.

Great Houses of Calderia Availability

Great Houses of Calderia is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $24.99. The Great Houses of Calderia Official Soundtrack and the Great Houses of Calderia Artbook are available as separate DLC for $7.99 and $9.99 respectively. A limited-time 20% introductory discount is available until September 6, 2023, that is applicable to the game and DLC.

At press time, a Great Houses of Calderia Demo is available on Steam for interested players to download and play for free.

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Great Houses of Calderia – Early Access Release Trailer | Firesquid

Publisher and Developer Information

Firesquid (@FiresquidGames X (formerly Twitter), @FiresquidGames Facebook, YouTube) is an indie publisher that focuses on games that embrace strategy and thinking. From tactics to city-builders, the Paris-based publisher works closely with developers to help them create the best game they can. Games in the publisher’s portfolio include USC Counterforce, Great Houses of Calderia, and Blade Prince Academy.

Resistance Games (@GamesResistance X (formerly Twitter), @resistancegames Facebook) is a PC strategy game studio. Based in Oulu, Northern Finland, the studio is creates strategy game experiences to stand the test of time. With a team of passionate industry veteran game developers, the studio released their first game, Company of Crime, in August 2020. Currently the studio is busy working on their feudal grand strategy epic, Great Houses of Calderia.