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Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023 is Live

It’s time to celebrate the wonderful world of puzzles games during the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023, live now on Steam.

Presented by Astra Games and Draknek & Friends along with content produced by Thinky Games, the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023 offers a curated selection of award-winning titles and puzzle game classics. Great discounts on titles both old and new from all over the genre are available. Games themselves range from the meditative to the brain-melting in terms of their puzzles and challenges.

Alongside the Steam sale is the showcase event that features interviews produced by Thinky Games and guest streams from known influencers in the puzzle games community. Included in this content is an interview with the Talos Principle 2 team. More details about live streams from YouTube and Twitch influencers can be found on the showcase’s Steam page under the Stream Schedule tab.

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023 Details

The Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023 runs from August 3 through August 7 on Steam at the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase.

Over 200 of the greatest puzzle games are participating in the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase. Nine new games are debuting during the showcase: Sushi For Robots, Neon Noodles, Paquerette Down the Bunburrows, Word Factori, A Slug’s Dream, Betty & Earl, Golden Record Retriever, Nova: Cloudwalker’s Tail, and SokoSolitaire.

In addition there are 40 demos for unreleased games for genre enthusiasts to try out. Five brand new demos are debuting: CRT7, Ligo, FORKLIFT FLOWERPOT, Project OPERATOR, and one yet to be announced title.

For more information follow @PuzzleShowcase on Twitter or visit and subscribe to the event’s newsletter.

The Cerebral Puzzle Showcase is now live on Steam! | Thinky Games

Event Organizers and Content Producer

Astra Games (@games_astra Twitter, Itch) is a philanthropic fund that aims to elevate the thinking game genre. The fund’s mission is to support the development of great thinking games and to advocate for the value in playing them. Since the fund’s founding, it has funded several titles including Rytmos, Paper Trail, Star Stuff, Schrodinger’s Cat Burglar, and an unannounced title and a secret project.

Draknek & Friends (@Draknek Twitter, Mastodon) is an award-winning developer and publisher of puzzle games. Since 2013, the developer and publisher has been releasing games that aim to be elegant and challenging, cultivating persistence, creativity, and logical thinking. Games in the Draknek & Friends portfolio include Sokobond, Sokobond Express, A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, Cosmic Express, Bonfire Peaks, A Monster’s Expedition, and Patrick’s Parabox.

Thinky Games (@thinky_games Twitter, @thinkygames Facebook, YouTube) is a hub and community for the fans of the thinky game genre. The hub provides news, reviews, and other content about all the games in this genre space. Games included in this genre space are those that ask players to carefully reason their way through puzzles and challenges, games that are brimming with curiosity and discovery. Started by Tim W. (@weetim Twitter) of Warp Door fame with support from Astra Games, Thinky Games launched in September 2022.