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Wall World Deep Threat DLC Release Date

Alawar Premium has announced an August release date for their upcoming Deep Threat DLC for the mining roguelite tower defense title Wall World. Travel beyond the Great Rift to new areas that expand the game’s lore and universe.

In Deep Threat, hidden biomes await discovery. Exploration can unlock new tech and secrets of the past will be known once more. A total of nine new biomes are ready for player exploration along with the relics and blueprints buried within. The new content offers over 8 hours of additional gameplay.

While working on Deep Threat, we thought about what our players want and what else we want to tell them about the world of the infinite Wall. We thought a lot about how to present this story and what graphics and mechanics to use in the narrative so that the player could get a complete picture of the world we have invented. We tried to make this add-on as interesting as the main game, and to open the veil of mystery before the player.

Stepan Komarov, Wall World Producer

Digging deep into the mines of the new biomes players will encounter five new types of enemies and bosses, such as a new robospider boss. The Leviathan boss also returns with challenging new attack phases. These threats are even angrier than previously seen enemies. In addition, a third party is now guarding the secrets of the Wall which brings its own set of challenges.

To combat these new threats there are 2 new weapons to unleash on enemies. An additional 8 meta upgrades are available to unlock.

Events of the distance past can be pieced together by studying various findings. A secret buried deep inside of the Wall might even be revealed as more information is recovered.

Wall World Availability

The Wall World: Deep Threat DLC release date is scheduled for August 9, 2023 and will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for $2.99. This DLC will require the base game Wall World in order to play. On Steam the Deep Threat DLC will also be available as a part of a discounted bundle with the base game and OST for $9.34 on Steam.

Wall World is available on Windows PC via Humble Bundle, Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store for $4.99. Various bundles featuring other titles or products from Alawar Premium that include Wall World are available on Steam with varying discounts. The Wall World Original Soundtrack is available for $1.99 on Steam.

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Wall World: Deep Threat – Release Date Reveal Trailer | Alawar Premium

Developer Information

Alawar Premium (@alawarteam Twitter, @alawarteam Facebook, YouTube) is an international publisher, developer, and distributor of video games for the PC, mobile, console, and other device markets. Since 1999, Alawar Premium has released hundreds of games from over 250 teams. The company currently offers developers its expertise in financing, analytics, localization, testing, marketing, and PR.

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