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Broken Ranks Introduces Boss Difficulty Levels

Whitemoon Games have introduced difficulty levels to more boss instances in their turn-based combat MMORPG, Broken Ranks. The July update, patch 6.30, adds the ability to choose instance difficulty to another batch of bosses.

Currently players can use the difficulty selection on some boss instances. Most instances have three paths: Discovery, Adventure, and Challenge. These three paths translate to easy, normal, and hard mode, respectively.

Soon even more boss instances will be added to the system according to the developer. Some bosses and locations are receiving changes to their mechanics with the update. Boss instances that have added difficulty levels in the July update include: Babadek, Gregorius, Ghadira, Puppet Master, Castle Specter, Tit, Ivravul, Draugul, Admiral.

The ability to choose the difficulty of bosses is, in our opinion, an insanely important element of a good MMORPG. It expands the content, challenges the veterans and, above all, diversifies the gameplay for basically everyone.

Krzysztof Danilewicz, Founder, Whitemoon Games

Designed for up to two players, the easy difficulty also supports pet leveling through experience bonuses. Whereas the toughest challenges are limited by special entry items which can be obtained on any type of instance.

Although Broken Ranks feels nostalgic and reminiscent of old-school games, we don’t want to stop there. We operate in such a way as to simultaneously preserve the old-school vibe and reach as many players as possible. The preferences of players have shifted over the years and many people are looking for MMORPGs where they can play in smaller groups. Since that’s what they want, we give it to them. Broken Ranks has something for everyone.

Krzysztof Danilewicz, Founder, Whitemoon Games

Other changes in Broken Ranks besides boss difficulty levels include a range of UI improvements, gameplay tweaks, and bug fixes. A notification will now appear on the marketplace icon when an item or piece of gear is sold. Potions can no longer be used when at full resources. The screen window size and mode, fullscreen or window, will be remembered after closing the game. Loot distribution is more fair via value adjustments to tracks, glyphs, and essences. Lagging players will have a clock icon next to them on the map. Some mobs and classes have new animations.

For a complete list of changes in Broken Ranks Patch 6.30, visit the game’s changelog here.

Broken Ranks Availability

Broken Ranks is a free to play fantasy with a deep story and quests. The game is currently available on Windows PC. Players can download the Broken Ranks client from the game’s website. Android, iOS, and macOS versions along with a Steam release are planned for the future with no current plans for a Linux release.

For more information like @BrokenRanks on Facebook or visit

Broken Ranks - July 2023 Update | Whitemoon Games
Broken Ranks – July 2023 Update | Whitemoon Games

Developer Information

Whitemoon Games (@Whitemoon_Games Twitter, @WhitemoonGames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game development studio from Poland. Based in Wrocław, the 2008 founded studio now has a team of more than 20 talented individuals. The studio’s first title, the browser MMORPG The Pride of Taern, was released in December 2010 with over a million register players. Currently the studio is busy working on Broken Ranks, a full remake of their first game with improved graphics and current technology.