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Sticky Business Sticker Making Sim Launches

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and German indie developer Spellgarden Games have released their relaxing and cozy sticker making business sim, Sticky Business on PC.

Launch day has arrived and new shop owners can start making and selling stickers. As the owner of a brand new small business, players can unleash the imagination and create stickers using any of the available customizable options. In total there are thousands of possible combinations that enable players to share their own personal style with the world.

Once some stickers are made, the orders will start coming in to the store. The next step will be to pack the stickers and ship them off to their destination. After patiently waiting, customers will send kind words and even some personal stories how the stickers have impacted their lives.

Besides making and selling stickers, players will need to handle various operational tasks to create an efficient and successful business. An eye-catching online storefront is necessary to really get those sticker sales up.

Sticker upgrades are unlocked with experience points gained from past orders and sales management. Upgrades range from more graphics to effect foils making products even more enticing to the customer. The more stickers a player creates, the more stickers they will unlock and the more customers they will discover.

Twitch streamers can enjoy a special integration feature that allows content creators to engage with their audience. Viewers can place sticker orders and the content creator has to fulfill the order by creating the requested sticker.

Sticky Business Availability

Sticky Business is available now on PC for Windows and Mac via Steam, GOG, and Itch for $9.99 / £8.50 / €9.99. A 10% launch discount is available until July 24, 2023.

For more information visit the game’s product page on the desired platform.

Sticky Business – Release Trailer | Assemble Entertainment

Publisher and Developer Information

Assemble Entertainment (@AssembleTeam Twitter, @AssembleTeam Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game developer and publisher based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Founded in 2016 by Stefan Marcinek, Assemble Entertainment is known for its diverse portfolio of games that includes Endzone – A World Apart, Roadwarden, Lacuna, and Orbital Bullet. In addition, the company organizes GermanDevDays, a Frankfurt-based conference that allows game developers, industry experts, students, and visitors to network and make connections.

Spellgarden Games (@SpellgardenDevs Twitter, YouTube) is an indie game development studio based in Stuttgart, Germany. After working on various indie games, the core team founded Spellgarden Games in January 2022. The team’s goal is to create wholesome and fun games for everyone to enjoy. Currently the developer is busy working on two titles, Sticky Business and Ritual Of Raven.