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Quintus and the Formidable Curse Story Trailer

Wreck Tangle Games have released footage of their current game development project, Quintus and the Formidable Curse, via a story trailer on YouTube.

After announcing the Quintus and the Formidable Curse project this past May via a teaser trailer, Wreck Tangle Games is now showing off a taste of what is to come. This latest game project is a sequel to Quintus and the Absent Truth as it continues the journey of the man and mouse duo, Alan and Quintus, on their horror-adventure.

The new Quintus and the Formidable Curse story trailer features the unique visual style seen in the original game. As teased this past May, there are new gameplay elements such as combat, a playable Quintus, other mice friends, and an in-between level map with driving. All of these new features are shown through a preview of what players can expect from the game’s story.

With the story trailer release, the developer intends to release a lot more gameplay footage in the coming weeks. The new footage will be released as short featurettes on the Wreck Tangle Games YouTube Channel.

Quintus and the Formidable Curse Release Details

No release date has been announced for Quintus and the Formidable Curse on PC and consoles. Players are invited to wishlist the game now on Steam.

For more information visit the game’s Steam product page or the game’s page on the Wreck Tangle Games’ website at

Quintus and the Formidable Curse – Story Trailer | Wreck Tangle Games

Developer Information

Wreck Tangle Games (@WreckTGames Twitter, @wrecktgames Facebook, YouTube) is a solo developer studio founded by Orion Moon. In 2014, Moon combined his skills in music composition, song writing, graphic design, film and fictional writing into one creative output, game development. Since 2014, the studio has released numerous titles including Alaska, Museum, CAMEO: CCTV Detective, and Quintus and the Absent Truth.