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Planet of Lana Cinematic Puzzle Platformer Out Now

Thunderful and independent developer Wishfully Studios have released their cinematic sci-fi puzzle platformer, Planet of Lana. The rescue mission to save Lana’s sister is now taking place on PC and Xbox.

Play as Lana, who embarks on a rescue mission to save her sister. However, Lana is not alone as her companion Mui joins the journey while exposing their touching personal relationship. The two work together, using unique companion gameplay, to solve the game’s captivating puzzles while avoiding hazards and overcoming threats.

Strange creatures and dangerous machines await. The planet once was a place of balance between humans, nature, and animals. Now the lands are filled with a faceless army. Gigantic alien spheres loom in the sky and spindle-legged robots lurk across the various landscapes.

The goal is to survive and progress. Use stealth and wit to carefully navigate dangerous situations. Challenging action sequences offer a chance to show off reflexes.

This is not a war story. The story is about a vibrantly beautiful planet and the challenges to keep it that way. Traverse through dense jungles, sunlit meadows, arid deserts, and cold steel alien architecture. Through the journey, players will uncover an epic story that stretches across galaxies and centuries.

We are so excited about the fact that people are able to play Planet of Lana now on PC and Xbox and have already been humbled by the critical response to the game. Thank you to everyone who has shown such love and support for our game over the last few years and I hope you all enjoy it!

Adam Stjärnljus, Director, Wishfully Studios

Planet of Lana Availability

Planet of Lana is out now on PC via Steam for $19.99 and is verified for Steam Deck. The game is available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One from Microsoft for $19.99 and is included with Xbox Game Pass.

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Planet of Lana – Out Now – PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One | Thunderful Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Thunderful Publishing (@Thunderfulgames Twitter, @thunderfulgames Facebook, YouTube) is a video game publisher based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Founded in December 2017 as a sister company to game studios Image & Form and Zoink, the company is a fully-owned subsidiary of Thunderful Group AB.

Wishfully Studios (@Wishfully_Games Twitter, @wishfullystudios Facebook) is a Swedish indie game development studio. Founded in 2018 with a passion for creating stunning artwork, deep storytelling, and innovative design, the studio strives to make games that leave a lasting impact.