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El Dorado: The Golden City Builder Playtest

Gameparic has announced the start of the El Dorado: The Golden City Builder playtest on Steam. Everyone is welcomed to checkout the playtest demo for this unique golden city builder.

Welcome to the mysterious world of the Yucatan. The goal is to create the most powerful and richest empire on the peninsula.

In the role of the architect, players will build a mythical city. Using strategic city-planning, players will decide where each building is placed to create powerful city zones. Gather resources, expand, and conquer the lands of the Yucatan.

A strong empire does require sacrifices to the Gods. Attention to the favor of God’s forces will also impact the fate of the city. Make the right sacrifices and win their favor to have a prosperous empire.

El Dorado: The Golden City Builder Playtest Details

The El Dorado: The Golden City Builder playtest is underway on Steam. To participate in the playtest, visit the game’s Steam page and click the “Request Access” green button. After confirming the access request, players will be granted immediate access to the playtest where they can download the playtest demo.

All players are invited to join the playtest. The demo playtests are time-limited and will conclude at 3 PM CEST on June 12, 2023. Players are reminded to note that this is a playtest and not a final game. All feedback and suggestions are welcomed on the game’s Discord.

For more information visit the El Dorado: The Golden City Builder product page on the developer’s website or on Steam.

El Dorado: The Golden City Builder – Demo Playtest Trailer | Gameparic

Developer Information

Gameparic (@gameparic_com Twitter, @Gameparic Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game development company. Besides creating games, the company also provides services in the areas of marketing, community building, education, and game publishing. The studio’s portfolio includes Necrocity, Miniland Adventure, Project Wunderwaffe, and Horror Tycoon.