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Deceive Inc. Misery Empire Update Adds New Agent

Publisher Tripwire Presents and developer Sweet Bandits Studios have released the Misery Empire update for Deceive Inc., their spy vs. spy multiplayer FPS. This is the first major post-launch update for the subterfuge and deception filled multiplayer title.

Deceive Inc. Season 1 has arrived in the form of the Catalog System. This alternative to traditional Battle Pass systems is a player-friendly alternative. Players can unlock the new Agent Red and other premium cosmetics with Catalog coins that are earned through gameplay. Items can also be unlocked with Bonds, an in-game premium currency.

There are a total of 10 pages of content in the catalog. To progress to the next page, players will need to unlock three of the five rewards on the page. Free catalog users can unlock three items per page to progress, however they will not have access to premium rewards until they purchase the premium catalog. All unlocked rewards will be given retroactively upon purchase. In addition, premium catalogs never expire and can be purchased at any time in the future.

New Agent, Red, has joined the company. This versatile spy brings the all-new Charmed status effect in her toolkit. Spies who become Charmed are sent back into cover and gain the status effect resulting in both slowed and neutralized. Firing a weapon while Charmed results in becoming heartbroken, which removes the slow but makes them vulnerable.

Red is unlockable for 1500 DI Credits. Players can also immediately unlock Red by purchasing the premium seasonal catalog.

To discourage unnecessary harm to civilians, a new HEAT system will penalize Agents who cause civilian harm. Penalized Agents will suffer increased vulnerability and suffer extra damage. HEAT levels will reduce over time.

Several other changes have found their way into the Misery Empire update. Team Intel is now shared in effort to slow down speed running tactics. The revive system has been modified to allow downed spies to be revived up to three times with increasing health penalties. Looks can be leveled up with a variety of new agent skins found in the Catalog System. For a more complete list of changes in the update read this Misery Empire Intel Brief from the game’s publisher.

The Misery Empire update is now live on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Deceive Inc. Availability

To celebrate the arrival of the Misery Empire update and Catalog 1, Deceive Inc. is having a Steam Free Weekend. This free to play period begins on April 27 at 10AM PT and will end on May 1 at 10AM PT. For a limited time the game is also available for purchase at a 20% discount for all platforms. Specific sales details are available on the platform-specific store pages.

Deceive Inc. is available on PC via Humble Bundle, Steam, and Epic Games Store, and on consoles for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The MSRP for the Standard Edition is priced at $19.99 / £16.99 / €19.99 and the Black Tie Edition MSRP is $29.99 / £24.99 / €29.99. Along with the base game, the Black Tie Edition features the Dressed to Impress profile portrait, title, equipment ink and an additional 1000 Bonds, the in-game premium currency. Follow @PlayDeceiveinc on Twitter, Like @PlayDeceiveinc on Facebook or visit for more information.

Deceive Inc. – Misery Empire Trailer | Tripwire Interactive

Publisher and Developer Information

Tripwire Interactive (@TripwireInt Twitter, @tripwireinteractive Facebook, YouTube) is an independent developer based out of Roswell, Georgia. The company started off by making the Red Orchestra mod, later winning the “Make Something Unreal” competition in 2004. Since then the studio has won numerous Multiplayer and FPS Game of the Year awards from top editorial sites. Millions having played a Red Orchestra or Killing Floor game, with an average play time of over 40 hours, per player, per game. With this success, the developer expanded its business to include Tripwire Presents that publishes titles on multiple platforms and genres from talented studios.

Sweet Bandits Studios (@Sweet_Bandits Twitter, @sweetbanditsstudios Facebook) is a small studio based in Quebec, Canada. The studio takes pride in their openness and involvement of all team members in studio-wide decision-making. In 2018, the studio released their first title Coffence. Currently the developer is busy working on Deceive Inc., a fast-paced spy shooter.

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