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Eresys Lovecraftian Co-op Horror Enters Early Access

Dragonis Games have released their Lovecraftian co-op horror title, Eresys on Steam Early Access. To survive in the immersive Lovecraftian universe, players must work as a team against horrifyingly nightmarish creatures.

Choose from one of four expelled cultists and work to shutdown a Void Portal opened by a deranged former member. Located on a secluded island, this portal has unleashed horrific monsters that have already claimed numerous victims. The goal is to work together as a team to seal the portal, preventing further destruction to the island and the world beyond.

Time is not on the player’s side. The creatures grow more powerful each minute. Enemies utilize a smart dynamic AI that will do everything it can to stop players from sealing the Void Portal. Creatures will observe player actions and adapt their tactics accordingly. This includes the noises made by players in their microphones. Every encounter is a new learning opportunity for the AI and a chance for players to push their limits.

A progression system allows players to improve their skills. Game progression leads to a ramping up of the difficulty level. Throughout the game world are safe houses. Acting as hidden refuges, these safe houses provide players a place to rest and regroup. Players may also discover secrets and clues that can lead to valuable resources and deeper lore that will aid in their effort to seal the Void Portal.

Eresys Early Access Details

Now in Early Access, the developers are committed to added more features, monsters, and content over the next six to eight months to Eresys. Currently, the game’s mechanics are solid. Players can expect regular updates that will improve the experience, fix bugs, and add new content. Feedback from players is welcomed via the in-game forms on the developer’s Discord server’s dedicated chat sections.

Eresys is now available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $8.99. A 10% Early Access launch discount is available on Steam until April 27, 2023. For more information follow @EresysTheGame on Twitter, like @EresysTheGame on Facebook or visit the game’s Steam product page.

Eresys – Early Access Release – Trailer | Dragonis Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Dragonis Games (@Dragonis_Games Twitter, @DragonisGames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game developer and self-publisher. Founded by Ares Dragonis, the Greece based studio is comprised of a small team. Titles in the developer’s portfolio include Eresys, The Shore, and the in development narrative horror adventure Necrophosis.