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The Last Starship Base Builder Demo on Steam

Introversion Software has released a demo for their latest project, The Last Starship, a space ship base builder with exploration.

Explore the final frontier from the team behind Prison Architect. To get going, players will pick up a ship hull and start decking it out with all the necessities for survival in space. Engines, life support, sensors, and rail guns are all critical for success.

At the helm of the ship, players will have to make critical choices. From putting together a successful mining operation to rescuing civilians from an engine failure there is always something happening out there in the galaxy. The best way to make sure the ship’s design is space worthy is to test it out.

Space is cold, dark, and often empty. However, everything that exists is also in space. Besides resources to survive and make the ship go, there are enemies. Using the game’s unique combat system, players will want to strategically plan out their attacks on and off the galactic battlefield.

As the starship grows in size, the requirements to keep everyone alive and keep it functional will grow. A fleet is necessary to maintain control while traveling through deep space. Different ships with different designs and capabilities will help ensure a successful and bright future for one’s ship and crew.

Mark Morris and Chris Delay of Introversion Software have also released a video, The Last Starship – Creative Mode, that takes a deep dive into the Ship Editor and combat matching system. Lasting forty-two minutes, video shows how one can design a powerful ship using their imagination. The game can then analyze and assess the vessel all the while creating a foe of similar strength to test out the ship’s combat readiness. Note that the Ship Editor is only available in the closed playtest.

The Last Starship is coming to PC via Steam Early Access in February 2023. A demo for The Last Starship is available now and will be available during next month’s Steam Next Fest. Interested players can wishlist the game now and request access to join the closed playtest. For more information visit

The Last Starship – Early Access | Introversion Software

Introversion Software (@IVSoftware Twitter, @introversionsoftware Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game developer and publisher. Founded in 2001 by three university students, the company has seen huge success with their portfolio that includes Uplink, DEFCON, Darwinia, Multiwinia, Scanner Sombre, and Prison Architect which was later acquired by Paradox Interactive in January 2019. Currently the studio is busy working on The Last Starship.