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Broken Ranks MMORPG Celebrates First Anniversary

Whitemoon Games is celebrating the first anniversary of Broken Ranks, their turn-based combat MMORPG successor to The Pride of Taern.

Since Broken Ranks‘ January 2022 release, the developer has added four big dungeons with legendary loot and bosses. Introductory quests were added to let players discovery their story and the story of the inhabitants. By allowing guild land, players can construct their guild headquarters.

Other additions include four recurring events, part one of the achievements system, Marketplace, PvP arena, tournament achievements, Inter-Server Tournament League with prizes, sidequests, and a PvP rework of the old system to a fact-based system.

Oh yes, the previous year was very intense for the whole team, but it was also very satisfying. And although, at the end of 2022, we had to focus on some items from the roadmap at the expense of others, we still implemented a lot of new content and positive changes throughout the year. Looking back and seeing the statistics we’ve shared, we can safely say that this year was a successful one. Now it’s time to celebrate. 😉 At least that’s what we’d like to say, but there are still many ideas left to implement. Thank you for your incredible support and dedication!

Krzysztof Danilewicz, Founder, Whitemoon Games

A range of activities, both short and long, have been prepared for the community. A fan art artistic contest, rewards for collecting loot from bosses, and unique player challenges are some of the activities. Plus players will gain seven days of free premium account access which is granted once a player logs in. Inactive returning players will be able to receive this gift by clicking the link in the email they will receive.

We probably won’t be celebrating all night, but this doesn’t mean that players won’t have anything to do. We’ve prepared a lot of activities that will allow our Taernians to acquire utility items, gold, and platinum. Besides, there’s premium account for everyone. What else? Our players are very much interested in various statistics, so we have a lot of data from last year to show. Have fun!

Krzysztof Danilewicz, Founder, Whitemoon Games

Along with the first year anniversary announcement, the developer shared a variety of annual statistics. Leading up to the one year anniversary, players have played 12.4 million hours and gained 1.86 trillion experience. Fire Mages come in at the top with 59 thousand characters created while Sheed come in at the bottom with only 38.8 thousand characters created. During their adventures, players created 4 million flasks, completed 6.6 million tasks and 4.1 million quests. Guilds were just as active with 15.4 billion gold and 34.3 million food deposited.

Broken Ranks is a free to play game for Windows PC. Players can download the client from the game’s website. Android, iOS, and macOS versions are planned for the future with no current plans for a Linux release. For more information like @BrokenRanks on Facebook or visit

Broken Ranks MMORPG – Anniversary Trailer | Whitemoon Games

Whitemoon Games (@Whitemoon_Games Twitter, @WhitemoonGames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game development studio from Poland. Based in Wrocław, the 2008 founded studio now has a team of more than 20 talented individuals. The studio’s first title, the browser MMORPG The Pride of Taern, was released in December 2010 with over a million register players. Currently the studio is busy working on Broken Ranks, a full remake of their first game with improved graphics and current technology.