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Coffee Shop Tycoon Fully Brews on Steam

Riff Studios have officially released the full version of their coffee shop management simulation, Coffee Shop Tycoon, on Steam.

After six years of Early Access development, Coffee Shop Tycoon is now fully available and includes the Moon as the last unlockable location. In addition there is a complete rework of the Du Latte Awards, quality of life improvements, and game credits.

As the final location, players can setup a comfy coffee shop on the Moon. At this location, players can sell their roasted beans to the delight of customers cruising the solar system.

The Du Latte Awards have seen a significant overhaul. From the looks to the functionality the entire system has been recreated. There are six categories in which players can participate: Barista of the year, Cashier of the year, Roaster of the year, Fan-tastic coffee award, Best roast of the year, and Most sold unique drinks. Each year two random awards are available for players to earn. Winning awards will grant the player money and a unique trophy to showoff in their coffee shops.

Many quality of life improvements have made their way into the release. New animations, roasting, condiment table, walking, pedestrian spawning, improved item placing, start screen seasonal decorations, graphical improvements, stat changes, balancing changes, and a new achievement are some of the changes players will see in the full release. A more complete list of changes is available on the Riff Studio’s dev blog on Steam.

Another patch, the last, will drop in January 2023. This patch will include ten sci-fi themed items and new employee models.

Coffee Shop Tycoon is available now on Windows and Mac for PC via Steam for $9.99.

Coffee Shop Tycoon – Final Trailer Full Release | Riff Studios

Riff Studios (@RiffStudios Twitter, @riffstudiosgames Instagram, YouTube) is a Seattle-based studio with roots in Mexico. Founded by Hector Arriaga and Roberto Rodriguez in 2021, the studio’s goal is to develop beautiful and engaging video games that speak to games played while growing up. Coffee Shop Tycoon is the studio’s first title and was created by artists and engineers from Mexico and Canada.