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Brewmaster Pours One for Consoles in Late October

Fireshine Games and developer Auroch Digital announced that Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator will launch on consoles late this October. PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch owners starting on October 27, 2022, can brew some beer in the first ever realistic beer brewing simulator.

Both the developer and publisher wanted to thank console players for being patient while they worked hard on getting the console version just right. The PC release of Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator took place on September 29 of this year.

In Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator, players will discover, learn, and master the craft brewing sensation in this authentic beer brewing simulator. Both beginners and beer aficionados can master the art of homebrewing using authentic real-world ingredients. Players can choose to play the story Brewmaster mode or relax in the sandbox Free Play mode.

Brewers, using a real chemistry simulation, can craft and perfect their beers. From a huge range of ingredients and using the best equipment at their disposal, players can create their own recipes, brew different beer styles, and learn the entire brewing process.

From hoppy IPAs to strong stouts, players will craft their beers, upgrade their equipment, customize their brewing space, design both their bottles and labels, enter competitions, and enjoy all of rewards and satisfaction that comes with creating their perfect brews. Using the Steam Workshop, players can also share their recipes with other players.

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator is available now on Windows PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $17.99/£14.99/€17.99. On October 27, 2022, the game will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles. For more information visit

Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator | Auroch Digital

Fireshine Games (@FireshineGames Twitter) is a global publisher of digital and physical video games. Based in London, England, the company was originally established in 2014 under the name Sold Out. In March 2022, Sold Out rebranded the company as Fireshine Games to have a brand name that better suits the company moving forward since digital games have a difficult time being sold out.

Auroch Digital (@AurochDigital Twitter, @AurochDigital Facebook, YouTube) is a part of the Sumo PLC Group. Founded in 2010, and based in Bristol, United Kingdom, the game development studio works on original titles and has an interest in making games that relate to the real world. The studio specializes in strategy, simulation, and digital tabletop games.

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