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Terracotta Puzzle Adventure PC Release Date Set for November

Freedom Games and indie developer Appnormals Team have a set an early November release date for the pixel puzzle adventure, Terracotta. The game will initially launch on PC with a Nintendo Switch release early next year.

Using the power of the afterlife, players take part in Ancient China’s fight against a historic curse. As a warrior of the Terracotta army, players will learn to master the Tao of energy in this legendary story and rescue the cursed spirits of their fellow warriors.

To solve complex puzzles one will need to phase between dimensions. This enables one to have multiple perspective to platform across. By altering the reality in the tranquil world of Yin, players can sneak across battles in the dark dimension Yang. In the end, players will need to utilize all that they have learned to outsmart the ancient knowledge of nine epic bosses.

The story is based on China’s Qin dynasty. Even though the dynasty ruled for fifteen years, this first imperial dynasty laid the foundations of what would come for the next two thousand years. Exploration is encouraged in game as players will witness the transformation of China from a patchwork of warring states to a united empire.

Terracotta has a November 7, 2022, release date for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store for $19.99. The Nintendo Switch release is planned for Q1 2023. Follow @TerracottaGame on Twitter or visit for more information.

Terracotta Trailer | Freedom Games

Freedom Games (@freedomgamesgg Twitter, @freedomgamesgg Facebook, YouTube) is a publisher that focuses on the idea of partnership when supporting developers. Founded in 2020 by industry veterans, Donovan Duncan and Ben Robinson, the publisher is staffed by a team of avid gamers with decades of collective industry experience.

Appnormals Team (@appnormals Twitter, @appnormals Facebook, YouTube) is an indie developer based in Barcelona, Spain. The developer focuses on creating multi-platform puzzle-filled narratives with distinctive aesthetics. Terracotta, STAY, and Frank and Drake are some of the games in the developer’s portfolio.